Routes / I – a road to the forest




Starting by hands and counting /

all the way to the liver /

all edgy corners been baptized by the sun/

all corny edges named by anti-seed/

this solitary status /

unique, in its substance

as a virgin mother of light /

stays still and passive/

incompletely divided/


this dark shade /

as the intangible tread /

with hypoxic screams and fumes and shawls/

thrives all along my spine/

but I quit/

the death of orgasms, after all,

is it not their pure realization ?


from lively nipple up to suspension

-where my lucid soul


I’m getting focused/

but my mirror is such a poor case:

there is n’t anything there

to reflect


by punctuation up to the time ribbon/

ports, any given second-dream


to inter-shape/

but that’s in vain/

I did not peek any side at all /

neither when we arrived the cedar trees

nor even the baobabs /

photo:  Paul Caponigro (b. 1932), ‘Avebury, Wiltshire, England’ 1967


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